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Vegan Pad Thai Rezept Holly Wilkinson

Vegan Pad Thai

Pad Thai [or Phat Thai] is a traditional dish from Thailand, which was even nominated the national dish during the second world war!

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Pikante Muffins Holly Rezept

Savoury Muffins/ Pikante Muffins

I’ve said this a few times- my baking skills are limited. I need a hell of a lot of motivation or prompts to think of new recipes. But when I do, I don’t stop till I’ve got it right! So you all know I teamed up with Jimmy Joy ‚s products and I’ve used their shake powder in a few recipes before (like the legendary banana bread!). This time I wanted to try and incorporate their neutral flavoured powder for savoury Muffins! If you don’t have this you can just use more flour instead, or oat flour (100g) + 25g flaxseed flour (Leinsamenmehl).

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